Forced Evictions in Katsikas’ Refugee Camp

On Monday, 14 December 2020, several residents of the refugee camp of Katsikas were subjected to forceful evictions from the camp by the police. Authorities used violent measures including teargas; the escalation of tensions culminated in the arrest of at least two persons. Eye-witnesses reported the sound of shots – caused either by rubber bullets Read more about Forced Evictions in Katsikas’ Refugee Camp[…]

Katsikas Sky is Falling

We were having a very productive and nice morning at the Habibi.Works workshop. At shortly after 3PM we received initial messages about an incident in the nearby camp Katsikas.  What had happened? A short period of strong winds destroyed major parts of a roof structure above the new UNHCR tents. The structure is intended to provide some Read more about Katsikas Sky is Falling[…]

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