4. March 2022

The Soup and Socks Playbook for Emergency Distributions

Before opening our intercultural maker-space Habibi.Works in 2016, our organisation implemented daily distributions on public squares and inside the refugee camp of Katsikas. In light of the current events in Europe, we have decided to document our approach and our learnings, hoping that anybody who looks for a guide will find it useful. Before you dive in:

Running distributions should be well thought through. Having to stand in line for hours is not the most dignified way to receive items. However, if an emergency distribution is the most feasible option, make sure there is no other actor or initiative distributing the same things you offer. If you find there is another distribution system in place already, it usually makes sense to opt to support the existing system/infrastructure rather than to reinvent the wheel (and possibly make things more complicated).

You can swipe through the slides or download the manual as PDF.

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