Refugee Shop in Camp Katsikas

“We did not invite you to Greece”

Security guards in Katsikas “Hospitality Centre” destroy community-built shops asylum seekers rely on to survive According to reports shared by the International Refugee Committee, roughly one third of the people living in Greek refugee camps have been suffering from hunger since the end of 2021. The monthly financial support (that has been under the control Read more about “We did not invite you to Greece”[…]

From Camps to Homelessness – Latest Change in Greek Asylum Regulations

A recent change in the asylum regulations by the Greek government threatens several thousand people with homelessness. The new regulation reduces the 6-month-period recognised refugees used to have to leave their accommodation in camps and apartments to 30 days. This change forces the accepted asylum seekers to find housing on their own within little more Read more about From Camps to Homelessness – Latest Change in Greek Asylum Regulations[…]

Draw My Life – Losing the Lottery of Life

In the last two years, nearly 1.5 million refugees have reached the European Union via the Mediterranean Sea, fleeing war and terror and seeking to re-establish their lives in a safe place. If the closure of the Balkan route and the implementation to the EU-Turkey have engendered a sharp decline in the number of arrivals Read more about Draw My Life – Losing the Lottery of Life[…]

Katsikas Sky is Falling

We were having a very productive and nice morning at the Habibi.Works workshop. At shortly after 3PM we received initial messages about an incident in the nearby camp Katsikas.  What had happened? A short period of strong winds destroyed major parts of a roof structure above the new UNHCR tents. The structure is intended to provide some Read more about Katsikas Sky is Falling[…]

A Critical Perspective about Our Work

During our missions we find ourselves in a certain dilemma. Basically, wherever we start working, we have to adapt to improvised structures that are not approved by us or the people in the camp. The actual goal shouldn’t be improving the quality of life within the camp but to give people the possibility to cross Read more about A Critical Perspective about Our Work[…]

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