25. July 2016

Habibi.Works – a Makerspace for Products and Perspectives

Talented people from a refugee camp, engaged local population and keen specialists from all around the globe come together to create solutions.

Since August 2016, highly capable team members from 16 different countries run this extraordinary makerspace for refugees and locals in the north of Greece. 

In a context in which sustainable responses are rare, the project provides platforms for education, empowerment and encounter. The makers have access to 8 well equipped working areas, among them a wood workshop, a metal workshop, a sewing atelier and a Media Lab with access to advanced technology such as 3D printer and laser cutter. Being a maker wipes off the stigma of being passive or helpless and offers caring individuals, brilliant minds and hard working hands new opportunities.The approach of creating solutions instead of waiting for solutions has an incomparable impact on people’s current living situation, on their motivation to continue or use their education and on their confidence to build an independent life within the European societies. It works.

Join the effort and help us to solve the puzzle! Feel free to contact us or to make a donation.

→ Join us on a tour through the workshops of Habibi.Works.


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