4. November 2022

Winter Campaign 2022

Our Winter Campaign is simple: make a donation before the 5th of December* and we ‎send a small, thank-you gift, lovingly crafted at Habibi.Works, straight to your home**.

How it works:

  • Anyone who donates between 20-49 will receive Effie the Owl.
  • All donors giving 50-€79 will be sent our handmade, natural salve.
  • If you donate 80-119 three recycled coasters will be yours.
  • Anyone donating 120-€499 will receive all three gifts.
  • For donations over 500, you will be sent all three gifts, plus a beautiful handmade ‘timeless’ calendar.
  • If you are a new or existing monthly Habibi.Works monthly donor, you will also receive an up-cycled coin purse.

Read on for more information about our handcrafted thank-you gifts and learn how you can donate today.


If you donate €20 or more to our winter campaign, you will receive a handmade, laser cut owl called Effie. Formed from just six, wooden pieces, Effie the owl will arrive ready for you to assemble.


For a donation of €50 or more, you can receive our homemade salve crafted using only natural ingredients. Made in our natural products workshop here at Habibi.Works, each salve contains St. John’s Wort oil, olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax, Vitamin E and essential oil of chamomile.  This salve is healing and calming, leaves your skin smooth and moisturised and it is appropriate for face, lips and body.


For a donation of €80 we offer a set of 3 colourful coasters made at Re.Works, the plastic upcycling workshop of Habibi.Works. The plastic was collected and processed by members of our community. As such, these coasters help to reduce litter in the area local while also adding a stylish accent to your home.


For a donation of €500 or more, you will receive our beautiful, laser cut calendar. This handmade gift makes a truly eye-catching addition to any home. The three wheels can be easily turned to reveal the date, the month and the day of the week. With no year specified, this wooden calendar is designed to be re-used for life.


Every new or existing monthly donor will receive a gorgeous, handmade purse designed to fit a credit card or coins. Made using repurposed fabric, every purse has a story to tell. The canvas comes from fomer tents that was originally used in the Katsikas camp and the linings are created using offcuts from projects completed in the sewing atelier. With each purse, a part of the camp’s history is converted into a beautiful accessory for you to cherish and use.


You have read about our winter thank-you gifts and now you want to get your hands on them! To make a donation, you have two options.

  1. Either donate online via our donation page
  2. Or make a bank ‎transfer using the information below:


You must include your address in the ‘Reference’ field when you make your transfer. We need this information to send your special gift.

If you have trouble including this information, please email info@soupandsocks.eu with your name, address and a screenshot of your bank transfer confirmation.

If you are signing up as a monthly donor you must specify this in the reference to make sure we know to send you a thank-you gift.


Reference: Winter Campaign + your address + email address + if you are a monthly donor***

Owner: Soup and Socks e.V.‎

IBAN: DE71672500200009251464‎


Account number: 9251464‎

BLZ: 67250020‎

Institute: Sparkasse Heidelberg


*If you donate after 5th of December, we cannot guarantee that you will be receive your gift before 25th of December. The final shipment of gifts will be on 20th December so sadly any donations made after this date will not receive a thank you gift.

** Unfortunately we can only ship to Europe and the UK. You are welcome to donate if outside of this region but be aware that we will not be able to send you a gift.

***If you are unable to fill in this amount of information in the reference field, please email info@soupandsocks.eu with your name, address and a screenshot of your bank transfer confirmation.

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