25. July 2016

Habibi.Works – the Peak of Do-It-Yourself

Powered by Soup & Socks, a FabLab of freedom is built near Katsikas. Talented people from a refugee camp and keen specialists from all around the globe come together to create not only products, but also perspectives. 

Make it happen! With your support we can solve the puzzle. If you want to join the effort please feel free to contact usdonate some funds or tools.


father People in Katsikas shall be given the possibility to unfold their potential and to bring in their skills. Support us in building up a well equipped workshop for a highly capable team.


Thanks to partners and sponsors we met during the last days, we already count with some pretty amazing high class equipment, such as 3D printers and laser cutters… Feel free to make your contribution and become part of this innovative project. As we said: Habibi.Works is the peak of Do-It-Yourself. Creating solutions. It works.


→ Join us on a tour through the workshops of Habibi.Works.